Powercap by Panther Vision is the Ultimate Hands-Free Flashlight! We combine our patented, ultra bright LED technology with stylish, high quality ball caps to create the perfect LED lighted cap. With 12 different LED technologies, and more than 60 lighted hat styles/colors, you're guaranteed to find one to meet your needs.

Powercap LED lighted caps are more versatile than a headlamp with both close up task lighting as well as distance lighting. Additionally, since the LEDs are built into the hat, it is much more comfortable and stylish then a headlamp.

2LED Caps

2 LEDs In the Edge of the Brim for the Widest Possible Field of Light, 21 Lumens of Light Output, 68 Hours Run Time, 22 Meters Forward Lighting, Simple One-Click On/Off Brim Switch Operation.

4LED Caps

4 Ultra-Bright LEDs Concealed Under Brim, 2 LEDs Pointing Outward for Distance Applications, 2 LEDs Angled Downward for Close and Medium Task Applications, 48 Lumens of Light Output.

4LED Visor

Powercap LED Lighted Visors Combine Patent Pending Ultra Bright LED technology with premium Microfiber Visors to provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight. The 4 LED's provide more than 48 Lumens and are concealed under the brim so the hat looks just like any other hat until you need to turn them on.

2LED SolarCap - Proseries

Powercap Solar Powered 2-LED Lighted Hats contains a low cost solar cell charging system mounted on the brim to make sure the user will never have to worry about batteries.

6LED Nightvision - Proseries

Independent Under-The-Brim Switches for White and Red Lighting Options Along with Independent Battery Packs. All White LEDs on 25 Lumens of Light, All Red LEDs on 12 Lumens of Light.

6LED Bloodtracker : Proseries

Green LED's preserve night vision. Independent Under-The-Brim Switches for White and Green Lighting. All White LEDs on 25 Lumens of Light, All Green LEDs on 12 Lumens of Light.

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