Button lamps - indirect lighting you've been longing for

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Button lamps - indirect lighting you've been longing for

Button lamps as an indirect lighting option is surprisingly versatile. They can be used in almost any space in your entire house and assists when you need both hands too. It sets the right mood and looks classy – with no fumbling or hassle.


Do you want to apply indirect lighting yourself in your home? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can find useful pointers and great examples.


The Kitchen is used as a practical room, a place to make dinner. But it is also seen as the centre piece of your house. It’s a place to cook, sit with family and chat or entertain friends.

Using button lamps as indirect lighting is an eye catcher – it helps you to find those objects that can’t otherwise be seen. Of course it is good to also use spot lamps to illuminate your main work surface, it is not essential though when rummaging through the cupboards or draws. Button lamps nicely accentuate the depth of your kitchen while providing necessary lighting in those hard to reach places. And placing them in the bottom of your kitchen draw or cabinets give an extra playful look.


Leaving the kitchen and moving on to the living room. Button lamps work miracles in a book shelf or a TV cabinet and they are so easy to apply.


Also in the bathroom you can accentuate a relaxing. Cosy atmosphere by combing button lamps with the right amount of candles. Even in a separate toilet, Button lamps make a difference by providing a small amount of light for those nightly visits.


You might not expect it, but button lamps add some extra value when placed by the stairs. Not only do they look classy but also are very handy when you need to use the stairs at night.


Let Button Lamps bring that classy illumination you long for.

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